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How reactivate a completed Service Request when a new Activity is added

Recently I was asked how to make a service request change its status from ‘Completed’ to ‘In Progress’ when a new activity was added as a last one in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager. This customer said that it was required in some scenarios and told that it worked for change requests. The idea was to create a custom workflow to realize the required logics.

So I did. It is a quick solution based on SMlets cmdlets.

Here is PowerShell code I used:

$m = (get-module|%{$_.name}) -join " "

if(!$m.Contains("SMLets")){Import-Module SMLets -ErrorVariable err -Force}

# -------------------get class and object------------------------

$WI_A_rs Get-SCSMRelationshipClass System.WorkItemContainsActivity

$Completed4SR Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name ServiceRequestStatusEnum.Completed

$InProgress4SR Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name ServiceRequestStatusEnum.InProgress

$Completed4A Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name ActivityStatusEnum.Completed

$Active4A Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name ActivityStatusEnum.Active

$Ready4A Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name ActivityStatusEnum.Ready

$A Get-SCSMObject -Id ([guid]$A_GUID).ToString()

$WI Get-SCSMObject -Id ((Get-SCSMRelationshipObject -ByTarget $A ?{$_.RelationshipID -eq $WI_A_rs.Id.ToString()}).SourceObject.Id.Tostring())

# --------------------Check and set statuses--------------------------

if ($WI.Status -eq $Completed4SR -and $A.SequenceId -gt 0)


    $As Get-SCSMRelatedObject -SMobject $WI -Relationship $WI_A_rs

    $PreA $As|?{$_.SequenceId -eq ($A.SequenceId -1)}

    if ($PreA.Status -eq $Completed4A -and $A.Status -eq $Ready4A -and ($As.count -1) -eq $A.SequenceId)


            Set-SCSMObject -SMObject $A -Property Status -Value $Active4A

            Set-SCSMObject -SMObject $WI -Property Status -Value $InProgress4SR



remove-module -name SMLets –force

As you can see the script is quite short and simple. Using Service Manager Authoring Tool I created a management pack that included the script’s code as well as dll file that you have put in Service Manager’s folder in Program Files.

I have attached the archive with all source files to this post.  Maybe later I will publish in the TechNet gallery.

Have a nice day, dear reader!

When a new Activity added to Completed Service Request.zip

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Marat Kuanyshev

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