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How to change URLs in SCSM 2012 notifications templates using PowerShell

If you need to change URLs in notification templates of Microsoft Service Manager 2012, it could be a very annoying and time-consuming task. You might have dozens of the notifications templates with a complicated HTML formatting so it is so easy to miss some URLs or mistype. Last week our team met the situation and I decided to create a handy PowerShell script to simplify the process.

SCSM notification template

The resulting script utilizes the default PowerShell Service Manager commandlets. It presents each line where the URL is found in the template’s body and highlight the URL in red. The script also shows the management pack’s name in which the template is located. You can examine each replacement to skip some or process all URLs straight away.
The script has to be run on the SCSM management server because it tries to connect to a local host but you might modify the script to add an ability to connect to a remote machine. The script has two parameters: oldURL and newURL. I suggest to specify the URLs with http:// or https:// prefix for a better accuracy.


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Marat Kuanyshev

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