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How to make IT analysts put a correct Incident classification category in SCSM 2012 & 2016

I’ve got a request from our customer who asked for a help with a SCSM console’s customization. He complained that IT analysts in Incident classification category sometimes set values that had sublevels. Most of time it happened by mistake but in the reports it caused ambiguity and miscounts.

It’s not a big trick but requires some knowledge in the Service Manager API and C#. The basic information about the manipulations with the SCSM console elements is available in the Internet. So I spent some time and let’s take a look at the result.

On the screenshot below, you see that ‘Network Problems’ has 4 sub-values.


If we select ‘Network Problems’, the form cannot be saved (OK button is disabled).


If we select any of sub-values (for instance ‘Wi-Fi’), the form is passing the check. It happens because ‘Wi-Fi’ is on the lowest level of the enumeration tree. Voilà, it’s what the customer wanted.


I placed a zip archive with a source code for your reference. For those who need only a solution, import SCUtils.IncidentClassificationValidation.mpb management pack. Please be aware, that if you already have Incident form customizations imported in the system, you will see an error like that:


In this case, you have to add the following XML code in your existing form customization in <Customization>:


<AddControl Parent="UpperGeneralGridAssembly="SCUtils.IncidentClassificationValidationControl
Left="0Top="0Right="0Bottom="0Row="0Column="0" />


You have to add a reference to the assembly in <Resources>:


<Assembly ID="SCUtils.IncidentClassificationValidationControl
FileName="SCUtils.IncidentClassificationValidationControl.dll" />


Finally, you have to pack the management pack with the assembly SCUtils.IncidentClassificationValidationControl.dll in a MPB file and import it in your system, of course, after a check in your testing environment.

Download the source and management pack here.

Update: I've added a support for SCSM 2016. Please check the file above!

Categories: System Center 2012 Service Manager

Marat Kuanyshev

Comments (5)

  • Ben McGarry

    Ben McGarry

    25 October 2017 at 21:22 |
    Is there an SCSM 2016 version of SCUtils Incident Classification Validation?


    • Marat Kuanyshev

      Marat Kuanyshev

      25 October 2017 at 21:29 |
      Hi Ben,
      No, but it isn't hard to build a version for SCSM 2016. I'll try to create it soon.


  • Ben


    25 October 2017 at 21:48 |
    Thanks for such a prompt reply. I would very much appreciate it if you could create an SCSM 2016 version because I need to ensure full classifications are used (to leaf node) for reporting. Thanks again.


    • Marat Kuanyshev

      Marat Kuanyshev

      07 November 2017 at 20:13 |
      Hello Ben,
      I've updated the solution. Please download the attached archive that now includes a solution for both SCSM 2012
      and 2016.


  • Ben


    07 November 2017 at 21:33 |
    Hi Marat, Man that was fast! Thank you again, but this time for the time and effort you put into doing this. We were really relying on this add-on and are about to use SCSM 2016. Haven't tested it yet but I really appreciate your efforts! I work for a not for profit organization and greatly appreciate the generosity of people like yourself. Thanks again, Ben


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