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How to notify an assigned IT analyst only when Manual Activity is already In Progress

It is quite easy to create a notification workflow to notify an assigned IT analyst when Manual Activity becomes “In Progress”. But sometimes it’s required to assigned the user when Manual Activity is already “In Progress”. You can create a notification that is triggered when the user is assigned (‘addrelationship’). But if you don’t want to bother people before the action, you have to check the activity’s status before the notification.

After spending some time with a custom activity from Oren Beeri’s post, I decided to make a custom solution using my previous post as a starting point.

Well, sometimes it takes more time to remake than to create a new solution, but finally I’ve created and tested the Visual Studio solution that attached to this post. 
How to deploy:

  1. Copy NotifyIfMAinProgress.dll into the Service Manager installation folder on the management server (usually first installed one);
  2. Import SCUtils.AssignedToManualActivity.Workflow.xml;
  3. Customize the notification template ‘Notification template for an user assigned to Manual Activity In Progress’. Template must be in HTML format and only for en-US locate.

P.S. Sometimes the SCSM Authoring Tool is so awkward and limited…


Categories: System Center 2012 Service Manager

Marat Kuanyshev

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