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Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base is in the pending association state

During the upgrade from SCSM 2012 RTM to SCSM 2012 SP1 management pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base is often stack in the pending association state.

Usually the updating of Service Manager Management Server 2012 is going smoothly but sometimes Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base management pack’sassociation for Data Warehouse is stuck in the pending state.

That issue is related to Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base management pack (System Center Data Warehouse OLAP Base Library). The first research showed that the management pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base wasn’t updated to the new version.

To resolve the situation:

In the Service Manager console, click Administration => Management Packs, then check the version of the management pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base.

After that go to the section Data Warehouse => Management Packs and check the version of the management pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base.

If you find that the version of the management pack in Administration => Management Packs is outdated (pre SP1, 7.5.1561), import the new version of the management pack (SP1, 7.5.2905), which is located on the Service Manager Data Warehouse Server, updated to SP1, in the folder: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft System Center 2012\Service Manager\Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base.mp.

After the next run of the MPSyncJob Microsoft.SystemCenter.Datawarehouse.OLAP.Base MP will change its status to "Associated".



Management packs are stuck in Pending Association status after registering to the data warehouse


Some management packs remain in Pending Association status several hours after registering Service Manager with the data warehouse and several (up to four or more) hours have passed. You can determine the time elapsed by opening the Service Manager console and navigating to Data Warehouse, Data Warehouse Jobs, MPSync Job, and then clicking Details from the Tasks pane.

Troubleshooting Steps

To troubleshoot this problem, complete the following steps:

  1. View the Details of the MPSync job. Review each batch ID for the problem management pack in the MPSyncJob dialog box. In the MP Sync Job dialog box, click the Management Pack column name to sort the list according to management pack name. Find any management packs with Pending Association status. In the list of management packs, check to see if, in the later batch, the management pack status is listed as Associated, for example:

    • For Batch ID 136, Management Pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.ConfigurationManager is Pending Association.

    • For Batch ID 207, Management Pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.ConfigurationManager is Associated.

    This indicates the management pack is associated properly in batch 207, even though it ran into an error in batch 136. Because it recovered in batch 207, the management pack is correctly associated and the synchronization completed successfully.

  2. If in the MP Sync Job dialog box, the Pending Association status for a management pack repeats for every batch, you will have to troubleshoot further to determine the reason why the management pack fails to associate. You should start by looking for deployment failures in other management packs that your management pack depends on.

    In the Service Manager console, click Data Warehouse, click Management Packs, and then click the Deployment Status column heading. If you see any management pack with a deployment status of Failed or Not Started, this is usually due to a management pack dependency. Because management packs can depend on others, any failure can cause other management packs to fail deployment. Any impacted management pack has the Not Started status.

  3. Find the deployment failures in the event log. Open the Operations Manager Event log on the data warehouse, filter the event log to the events where the Event Source is Deployment and Event Level is Warning or Error.

  4. If there is an error message similar to the following message, you will have to unregister the data warehouse from Service Manager, reinstall the data warehouse, and then reregister the Service Manager management server to the data warehouse management server:

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