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Reports for Incidents and Service Requests with SLA details including an Active Duration

In the version 1.2 of SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration we have presented a new feature – a calculated “Active Duration”.

The “Active Duration” is a duration of the SLO instance counted in minutes taking into account only working hours but excepting the periods when the parent work item, Incident or Service Request, was in Pending or On Hold status respectively.

As many of you know, sometimes a SLO instance is breached because the work item has been in Pending or On Hold status too long. The information about the SLO “active” duration helps us clarify such situations.

Previously, we have published samples of reports (here and here) to visualize the SLA information for Incidents and Service Requests in SCSM reports. We decided to update those reports to make them up-to-date with new “Active Duration” data.

Below the screenshots of the new reports. Please note a new column - “SLA Instance Active Duration”. By default, the reports do not present cancelled SLO instances.

incident report

SR report

You can obtain the management packs with the both reports from here.

Categories: System Center 2012 Service Manager

Yuriy Nizhnikov

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