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Service Manager 2012 self-service portal URL for different purposes

When we just released SCUtils FileAttachmentHTML5, one my colleague told me that now we had very similar solutions for SharePoint and HTML5 self-service portals and all ‘file attachment’-related solutions published on this blog required additional steps to implement. It happened because a self-service portal URL address is hardcoded and anyone eager to apply the solutions had to change and rebuild C# code to make it working. That was true and, despite the fact that I had planned to teach you some SCSM coding, many customers preferred a plug’n’play approach. He advised me to create a settings form to keep the self-service portals address for all our future and past solutions.

It was a sensible idea and here you are. On the first screenshot, you see the URL for SCUtils FileAttachment Free.


And on the second screenshot, you see the portal URL for SCUtils FileAttachmentHTML5


All our solution around file attachments use the same technics, the only difference is the portal URL. So I’ll soon present revised versions of our old-fashion add-ons.

To deploy the solution, import SCUtils.Portal.Address.mpb management pack, and then go to Administration, Settings. Here double-click on SCUtils Portal Address Settings and fill the field out.

P.S. To be frank, this setting can hold any text, so you may use it for any purpose, if required.

Here a link to the source files.

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Marat Kuanyshev

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