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And now one more report for Service Request with SLA details

For the beginning, let’s invite you in our recent history. In our first project with Service Manager we used Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010. And not surprising, our customer insisted that SLA target resolution time for each ticket had to be adjusted in accordance with the customer’s working schedule and calendar. SCSM 2010 did not provide this functionality and we built our first complex customization for Service Manager.

Categories: System Center 2012 Service Manager


How to create a custom report for System Center 2012 Service Manager with SLA information included SLA instance durations counted by SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration

In this post I described how to create a custom report based on the standard one to present a list of incidents with additional columns Rate and Comment defined in SCUtils SurveyLite. Many of our customers also ask us to do the same for SLA instance durations calculated by SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration solution. I also met the similar requests on the SCSM forums and finally decided to create the report with the information about SLA’s status, name and duration.

Written by: Marat Kuanyshev Categories: System Center 2012 Service Manager

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