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Announcement for the release of SCUtils CubeDesigner v1.2.9 and SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration v1.1

on Wednesday, 23 July 2014. Posted in news

Today we are happy to present new releases of SCUtils CubeDesigner and SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration for Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager.

SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration v1.1 includes a fix for the following case:

  • When a Service Level Objective is deleted a workflow can fail while calculating durations of the related SLO instances.

SCUtils CubeDesigner v1.2.9 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • When importing a new cube definition from an XML file a user can overwrite the existing cube;
  • A name of a measure stays unchanged for an existing measure when a user change a type of the aggregation function.

We recommend for all our current customers to update to the latest version of the product.

SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration has been designed to calculate the duration of SLO instance considering working hours of the associated calendar. This data allows to measure max/min/average duration of different SLOs like Incident Resolution Time, Service Request Completion Time, First Response Time, etc. Using the collected values in Data Warehouse you’ll be able to create reports and dashboards to analyze the performance of Service Desk employees and services and improve the processes of ITSM in the company. For more information about SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration please visit www.scutils.com/products/sla-instance-duration

SCUtils CubeDesigner is a tool that lets you create your own OLAP cubes in a graphic GUI in simple and fast way without developing skills and knowledge.
We invite all interested to get acquainted with a trial version of SCUtils CubeDesigner. For more information about SCUtils CubeDesigner please visit www.scutils.com/products/cube-designer

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