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Announcement for the release of SCUtils Knowledge Base v1.1

Written by newsmaker on Tuesday, 01 October 2013. Posted in news, 2013

Today we are excited to announce the next release of SCUtils Knowledge Base v1.1 for Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager.

After getting highly valuable feedback from our customers in this release were added the following important features:

$          -          Support for full-text search with wildcards. Using * (asterisk) and | (vertical bar) you can build flexible search requests to find the useful information regarding your issues;

$          -          Additional option for the web part that allows defining a dedicated page where the article will be displayed. Now you can deploy our web part not only on the Help Articles page but also on other pages. And when the visitor clicks on the article’s link the article will be always shown on that dedicated page.

For more information about SCUtils Knowledge Base please visit www.scutils.com/products/knowledge-base.

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