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SCUtils CubeDesigner

SCUtils CubeDesigner

Looking for a simple way to create a highly convertible report, define and present KPIs in Microsoft Excel dashboards, count and slice ITSM metrics by any time period? Too limited by functionality of the default cubes in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager? Not an expert in T-SQL query design to spend time working with a Report Builder?

SCUtils CubeDesigner is an application to choose. This tool dramatically simplifies the process of designing custom OLAP cubes with all Service Manager objects you will need. Custom cubes you create are available in Service Manager console and could be used with Excel or other tools working with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Using SCUtils CubeDesigner you can easily add to your custom OLAP cubes additional dimensions, time dimensions, KPIs and start immediately using them. Moreover, if you have customized your System Center Service Manager by extending default entities or adding new ones (classes and dimensions) you can use them in custom OLAP Cubes too.

SCUtils CubeDesigner package is also includes SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration add-on. SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration is a solution for Service Manager 2012 that allows calculating the duration of each Service Level Objective instance within working hours of the corresponding calendar. Using the calculated data, you can get statistics about min/max/average time of resolved incidents, completed service requests, etc. in custom cubes and eventually reports.

The key benefits include:

  • A single interface with all objects that the user will need to create a custom OLAP cube;
  • Ability to create cubes with only the needed information;
  • Support of time dimensions;
  • Measures with logical criteria;
  • Measures with relative time criteria;
  • Native support for KPIs;
  • Drillthrough on calculated measures;
  • Flexible schedules for cube processing;
  • Export/import cube definitions in XML format (valuable for testing and backup purposes);
  • SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration add-on that helps to count the actual duration time (in minutes) of each completed SLO instance within work hours;
  • Accessible on all computers that have Service Manager 2012 console installed;
  • No need for additional third-party components;
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012;
  • Compatibility with Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager, Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager SP1, Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager.

Price of 1 license of SCUtils CubeDesigner with one-year support - 2999 USD.


One license covers a single installation in one production environment and two additional development/testing environments.

Installation Guide for SCUtils CubeDesigner v1.81.pdf

Operations Guide for SCUtils CubeDesigner v1.12.pdf

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