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SCUtils Email Connector 2016

SCUtils Email Connector is an advanced IMAP/POP3 connector for Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager. The connector enables a cutting-edge email processing in the Service Manager for any IMAP/POP3 mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Gmail, Office 365, etc. The solution features all functions available in System Center Service Manager Exchange Connector but also has unique capabilities:

  • Reactivating Incidents, Service Requests or Problems;
  • Assigning a work item to a sender (‘assign to me’). Useful for group notifications;
  • Filtering embedded images like company logo in signatures, visual adornments, social network icons, etc;
  • Affected user can cancel Incidents and Service Requests;
  • Members of the Active Directory groups can vote on behalf of these groups;
  • Email, attachments, and recipients from the message about Manual/Review Activity can be linked to the Activity or/and its Parent Work Item/Activity with Related Items tab. Now you can easily open items related to Manual or Review Activity in the Service Manager console using its parent’s form.
  • Acknowledging for Service Request;
  • Setting Resolution Category for resolved Incidents and Problems;
  • Setting Implementation Results for completed Service Requests;
  • Rejecting Manual Activities;
  • Templates to apply for existing work items are optional;
  • Support for encrypted and signed emails.

Customers with Exchange Infrastructure can use the solution using IMAP (recommended) or POP3 protocol.

Compatible with Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager.

Price of 1 license of SCUtils Email Connector 2016 with one-year support - 2999 USD.


One license covers a single installation in one production environment and two additional development/testing environments.

All customers with an active support and maintenance subscription for SCUtils Email Connector are eligible for buying SCUtils Email Connector 2016 with 50% discount.

SCUtils Email Connector 2016 Guide v1.2.pdf

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