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SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016

SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016 provides links to knowledge articles that might help end users resolve their issues without any input from Service Desk staff.

SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016 automatically notifies the end users about the existing knowledge articles that can be relevant to the matter of their incidents. It is especially useful for the end users if the Service Desk staff is unavailable or all IT analysts are busy assisting others.

SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016 supports all versions of Microsoft System Center 2016 / 2019 Service Manager.

The key benefits include:

  • Support for SharePoint and HTML5 self-service portals;
  • Facilitating the Incident Resolution;
  • Reducing the average Incident Resolution Time;
  • Comprehensive full-text search;
  • Ability to restrict the search area;
  • Different methods for sorting search results;
  • Options for formatting links in notifications;
  • Compatibility with Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager;
  • Affordable price.

Price of 1 license of SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016 with one-year support - 1399 USD


One license covers a single installation in one production environment and two additional development/testing environments.

All customers with an active support and maintenance subscription for SCUtils Knowledge Awareness are eligible for buying SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016 with 50% discount.

SCUtils Knowledge Awareness 2016 Guide v1.0.pdf

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