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SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration 2016

As many Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager’s practitioners know there is no default means to get the business duration of the Service Level Objective’s instance. However, in order to assess how Service Desk team and IT analysts perform it is not enough to use a “SLO met/beached” metric only. Maybe SLOs are too flexible or incidents with a high priority are resolved too long for some specific classifications. For all those and many others purposes the duration of each SLO instance linked the working hours calendar is very valuable. Using the business duration you can get minimum, maximum, and average values and then analyze them in a variety of ways.

SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration has been created to meet all the above-mentioned challenges. The solution counts:

  • a duration of each completed SLO instance within work hours defined in the linked calendar;
  • a duration of each completed SLO instance within work hours defined in the linked calendar when Incident or Service Request was not in Pending/On Hold status.

SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration also includes the management packs to make the calculated data available in Data Warehouse and SQL Analysis services for the reporting use.

The performance is always a concern. SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration uses an optimized algorithm to minimize the workload on the Service Manager management server.

The key benefits include:

  • No need for manual calculating;
  • The algorithm working fast with a minimum workload;
  • The calculated data available in Service Manager Data Warehouse and OLAP cube;
  • Compatibility with Microsoft System Center 2016 / 2019 Service Manager;
  • Affordable price.

Compatible with Microsoft System Center 2016 / 2019 Service Manager.

Price of 1 license of SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration with one-year support - 1399 USD.


One license covers a single installation in one production environment and two additional development/testing environments.

All customers with an active support and maintenance subscription for SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration are eligible for buying SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration 2016 with 50% discount. 

SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration 2016 Guide v1.0.pdf

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