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SCUtils SmartAssign 2016

SCUtils SmartAssign 2016 is an ultimate solution for the accurate assigning of IT analysts in Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager.

Best fit based on facts. No more educated guessing. Two clicks, one glance, and you know who will be in charge and why. The facts are cached, the task runs fast.

The membership in Support Groups is not the only factor that defines the best fit for a particular ticket. To make a wise assignment you have to know the analyst’s competence, current workload, and state of SLOs. During working hours, the situation varies but no one wants to run reports or filter views each time just to make the assignment. Our product provides the only information you need to make a right decision.

SCUtils SmartAssign 2016, the best in class, extends the family of our unique products. The key benefits include:

  • Support for all types of the work items plus Manual Activity;
  • Support for competence profiling of individual analysts and groups;
  • Support for custom enumerators;
  • Support for Lync presence statuses of analysts;
  • Support for custom support groups for Change Request, Problems, Release Records, and Manual Activities;
  • Support for comments and action logs for Incidents, Service Requests, and Problems;
  • Membership in support groups for analysts;
  • Cached data for analyst performance and Active Directory group membership;
  • Advanced filtering;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Compatibility with Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager;
  • Affordable price.

Price of 1 license of SCUtils SmartAssign 2016 with one-year support - 2499 USD.


One license covers a single installation in one production environment and two additional development/testing environments.

All customers with an active support and maintenance subscription for SCUtils SmartAssign are eligible for buying SCUtils SmartAssign 2016 with 50% discount.

SCUtils SmartAssign 2016 Guide v1.0.pdf

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