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SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler 2016

Careful planning needs to occur for many IT tasks. Preventive and predictive maintenance jobs, scheduled monthly releases and changes, patch deployment and many others. Using Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager you had to use different tools or hardcoded customizations to create the corresponding work items but no longer.

SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler 2016 is a cutting edge solution that completely automates the process of creating work items using different schedules. Being the most advanced tool on the market for the Service Manager 2016, SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler 2016 provides an incredible flexibility and utilizes embedded abilities of the platform to bring the required work items just-in-time.

The key benefits include:

  • Different types of the schedules;
  • Using work item’s templates;
  • Zero impact on the system performance;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Affordable price.

Compatible with Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager.

Price of 1 license of SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler 2016 with one-year support - 999 USD


One license covers a single installation in one production environment and two additional development/testing environments.

All customers with an active support and maintenance subscription for SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler are eligible for buying SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler 2016 with 50% discount.

SCUtils WorkItem Scheduler 2016 Guide v1.0.pdf

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