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Using SCUtils products we were able to increase the productivity of our analysts and empower our users. The ConvertTask product takes what was a multiple step operation and makes it a 1-click operation and the email connector product reduces duplicate incidents. Whenever we’ve needed assistance or requested a feature SCUtils has responded promptly and on more than one occasion they modified their code to accommodate a feature request. Overall, we are really pleased with this product.

Matthew Mayavski



Navantis is a leading integrator and service provider that has been using SCUtil products over the past year to enhance our offerings and enable our customers with richer experience beyond the typical “out of the box” seen with Service Manager.

One comment we hear over and over is the importance of producing valuable data analysis rapidly and with minimal development knowledge, and with the SCUtil CubeDesigner we were able to achieve just that!

Most notable has been the incredible customer service we have received from the SCUtil team any time we had a question or needed supported!

Efim Edelman


Waupaca Foundry, the largest producer of ductile iron and gray iron castings in the world, uses SCUtils Knowledge Base and Survey Lite to fill in gaps in Service Manager's default web portal. The ease of installation and response from SCUtils support team helped ensure a successful launch.

Lucas Schick


Arteveldehogeschool has been using the SCUtils Knowledge Base over the past year.

SCUtils Knowledge Base is a very important and ‘easy to use’ tool to show Knowledge Articles in html and not as an rtf file at the Microsoft SCSM Webportal. Following the guidelines the installation of this tool goes quickly and smoothly.

When you need a support SCUtils team responds very rapidly and to-the-point.

For the ICT-team of Arteveldehogeschool it is a magnificent tool that increases significantly the service to our users and customers!

Nancy De Lange

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